5 best free SSL certificate sources (100% free, No Trials)


There is no denying fact that SSL ( Secure Socket Layer) is a must for all website nowadays. No matter what type of website it is but if you want to rank your website or want to sell products of simply want a static website, SSL is mandatory for all. With an increase of cybercrime, people avoid websites which do not have SSL. Unfortunately getting an SSL cost a bit of money depending on the types of SSL you choose. You may not need high-end protection if you just want to use SSL in your blog. But for eCommerce sites, you can not take a chance.

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The price range fro SSL varies from a few hundred to a couple of thousands for SSL. New blogger finds it hard to afford paid SSL. So in this article, I am going to explain about 5 best Free SSL Certificate provider which you can use for your website. I did not consider all those SSL providers who only provide a trial version for certain months as for sure you want something which is 100% free. Right?

Before going ahead I would suggest you read the below article to make sure that you know about SSL, SSL types and why do you need an SSL. Please make a note that all free SSL only provides the basic level of protection which is ? Domain validation?. If you want something which is more secure you have no option except to buy paid SSL

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5 Best Fee SSL service provider

Lets Encrypt

Let’s encrypt is the most popular and widely used free SSL available in the market. Created by Linux Foundation and the project is sponsored by big tech giants like Cisco, Mozilla, Facebook etc. Like all free SSL, it offers basic domain validation security only. Every certificate is valid for 3 months with an option for auto-renewal free of charge. So you can enjoy the certificate for a lifetime at no cost to you. Most of the hosting company integrates the let’s Encrypt in their hosting package. So you are expected to have SSL out of the box when you buy hosting. For VPS or dedicated server where you have to build your server, you have to manually install lets Encrypt. Once installed and domain validation is done, a green padlock will be shown when you visit that website.

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Cloudflare SSL

We might all know that Cloudflare is the number one CDN ( Content delivery network) which host more than 30% of websites in the world. If you want to know what is CDN and what are the types of free of CDN available then please read this article shown below. Anyway, the basic free package of Cloudflare includes an SSL certificate out of the box along with many other security features. I would suggest you use Cloudflare SSL along with Lets Encrypt ( In server ) for the best protection free of cost.

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To access Cloudflare SSL, you need to login to your Cloudflare dashboard and select the domain. Once selected you need to go to SSL/ TLS section of the dashboard and it will show the option for SSL certificate. There are three types of SSL certificate available in CloudFlare and those are explained below.

Flexible SSL

Flexible SSL provides encryption between Cloudflare and visitor but does not provide any encryption for the data transferred from your server to the Cloudflare server. It is not a preferred mode as your server will be exposed to a possible threat. In this scenario, you don?t need to install Lets Encrypt on your server.

free ssl certificate

Full SSL

Along with protection between Cloudflare and visitor, it also protects data between your server and Cloudflare. It is considered the safest option as you get complete protection. You need to install an SSL certificate on your server to achieve full SSL mode. So in this scenario, you need to install Lets Encrypt on your server.

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Full ( Strict)

It’s same like full SSL but you need to buy an SSL certificate from Cloudflare and place it in your own server. Well, this is the best option but you need to pay for that and most of the blogger may not prefer that.

SSL for free

SSL for free is an instant SSL certificate provider powering about 3,000,000 websites. It uses let’s encrypt as the certifying authority and provides domain validation certificate. The domain validation is usually done by placing a file in the root or adding a text record in DNS. Once the domain is verified you can simply download the SSL certificate and follow the instruction to install that in your server.

Zero SSL

Like SSL for Free, Zero SSL also uses let’s encrypt as certifying authority and provides an intuitive interface to generate the SSL certificate. You need to fill the details, vilify the domain and you are all done to download the certificate. Domain verification is either done by ? HTTP Verification ? or through ?DNS Verification?. In HTTP verification you will have to place a file in the root and in DNS verification you will have a TXT record in your domain DNS zone. In both cases, the file details and TXT information will be shared by Zero SSL.


FreeSSL is a service that is about to get launch at the time when this article was written ( August 2019). It is powered by Digicert and will offer 100% free SSL certificate. Certifying authority would be let’s encrypt and will offer the same level of protection that other free SSL providers offer.

Let’s Wrap Up!

These are the top 5 most widely used free SSL service provider as of August 2019. We are not sure if any provider changes their free plan to a paid plan or free trials. Please check their respective websites before making a decision. For any kind of website, I would blindly go for Cloudflare Full SSL along with Lets Encrypts at the server level. This combination is used by most of the webmasters and it offers the maximum benefit. If you come across about any other free SSL please do let me know in the comment section and I will be happy to include that in the list.

That?s all I have in this article. If you do wish to connect over other social media platforms then we are available at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also download our Android Application to get connected all the time and receive a notification whenever a new article is published.

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