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heat treatment

Heat Treatment: Types of Heat Treatment process (PDF)

Do you know that in commercial applications, there are hardly any industries which uses raw metals for their parts. Most of them uses heat treatment process to modify the properties of metal that suits their requirement. So heat treatment is very crucial process in metallurgical industry. Let us learn more about what is heat treatment and what are the types of heat treatment.

regardless of feature size

Regardless of feature size: Definition, Symbol, Application and examples [PDF]

Do you know that if you want to manufacture your parts with tight tolerance, you should go by using ” Regardless of feature size ( RFS) material condition for features? Many of us may not know much about RFS as it is applied by default to all our engineering drawings. Let’s learn more about ” Regardless of feature size” and find out its definition, symbol, application and some examples.

young's modulus

Young’s Modulus: Description, Formula and usage

If you stretch a rubber band, you will notice that up to some extent it will stretch. Once you stop stretching, the rubber band will come to its original shape. That is called elasticity of a materiel. Young’s Modulus is based on that principle. Let’s discuss more about Young’s Modulus in this article and figure out its definition, formula and usage.

cad cam cae

What is the difference between CAD CAM CAE

Do you know that nowadays almost all mechanical design work is done on computers? You can, in fact, build a digital mock-up on a computer. Introduction of computers in mechanical design has brought a revolution. That’s why the term CAD CAM CAE became so popular. So let us learn in this article more about what is CAD CAM CAE and what is the difference between CAD CAM CAE.

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