5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce 2

Customer support plays a big role in the success of an online business. With more and more customer going for online shopping nowadays, having good customer support will differentiate your business from others. Unless you provide good customer support, it is likely that customers will go for other vendors. Good customer support helps in promoting your business and also helps in gaining customers confidence. If your store is built on WooCommerce then having a customer support system is just a matter of clicks. In this article, we will discuss 5 Best Customer Support Ticket Plugins For WooCommerce which will help you to create a professional looking customer support system for your online business.

There are many free and paid plugins available which will help to create a very professional looking support ticket system. A support ticket system along with living chat is a great combination for attracting customers. Customers love if their problems are solved quickly on the spot and these 5 WooCommerce plugins help to achieve that. This list is filtered from a pool of plugins as these are the plugin which is widely used and most popular. So let’s check out what are those plugin and build an awesome customer support system for your online.

Before reading further let us learn about some basic criteria that a customer support plugin should possess for getting included in the list.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface is a must nowadays for any plugin. That becomes a must-have when you are dealing with a customer support plugin. An intuitive interface helps to easily navigate and sort issues quickly.

Order Synchronisation

It’s good to have a feature like order Synchronisation so that when a customer tries to raise a ticket they can pull the order details automatically. It also helps support stuff to resolve ticket quickly.

Automatic Ticket Creation

Customer will be delighted if the system automatically creates a ticket in case of any issue like failed transaction, order refund etc. It boosts the customer confidence also as they will feel that if something goes wrong they don’t need to have to hassle of creating a support ticket.

Email Piping

This is a very useful and exciting feature that recently many e-commerce websites started providing. What it does is that, when a customer sends an email to the customer support team, it automatically creates a ticket. So no need to visit the site.

Based on the above criteria here are the top 5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce.

Awesome Support

If you are looking for a full-fledged customer support solution then awesome support plugin is the best bet. It offers everything that an ideal customer support plugin has to offer. Offers unlimited agents, department, customer ticket priority etc. On top of that, the awesome support interface is intuitive and very easy to navigate. If you want to add some premium features like product Synchronisation or ticket reply through the email you will have to buy their premium version which also comes at a very cheap rate.

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

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UCare Support

UCare is a free plugin that enables customers to create customer support from the Frontend. It has its own user interface with custom logo and widgets. Although the interface looks good you will feel like you Redirected to a different website. The ticket submission is straight forward but unfortunately, custom form field is not allowed.

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

UCare supports email Piping facility, so the customer can create a ticket by simply sending an email to customer support.


Although WSDesk is a new entry to the customer support plugin list, it gained so much popularity recently. The reason being, even the basic version of this plugin offers more than the premium version of other plugins. Most of the premium features like email Piping, unlimited agents and department are available in the free version.

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

WSDesk lacks the customizations that Awesome support but if you want an off the selves customer support solution then WSDesk is the best plugin that you can choose.

Support Candy

Support candy is an awesome plugin for customer support. It’s easy to configure and user-friendly. All premium features like email Piping, unlimited agents are available in this plugin. It also offers unlimited department option. You can also FAQ and knowledge base plugin with this plugin.

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

It has guest ticket generation with file upload option which means a customer can create a ticket without login to the website.

WP Support Plus

WP support Plus is a complete customer support solution. Although it has everything off the shelve if you want you can add custom form, email Piping etc. The premium version allows you to have features like email notification, FAQ etc.

5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce

The basic version does not offer much but the premium version has everything to have a complete customer support solution.

Wrapping Up

So here are the 5 Best Customer Support Plugins For WooCommerce. All five plugin mentioned above has its own pro and cons. Which one to choose purely depends on your requirement. I recently implement Awesome support for one of our e-commerce site and found it really nice. In fact, the UCare and WP support are not far behind in terms of features.

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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