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properties of metals

Properties Of Metals: Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Chemical Properties [PDF]

As an engineer, it is essential that we should know the basics of the properties of metals. This helps in choosing the right metal for different applications. So let us learn more about the properties of metals in this article. At the end of this article, you will get a link for Properties of metals …

Properties Of Metals: Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, Chemical Properties [PDF] Read More

heat treatment

Heat Treatment: Types of Heat Treatment process (PDF)

Do you know that in commercial applications, there are hardly any industries which uses raw metals for their parts. Most of them uses heat treatment process to modify the properties of metal that suits their requirement. So heat treatment is very crucial process in metallurgical industry. Let us learn more about what is heat treatment and what are the types of heat treatment.

youngs modulus

Young’s Modulus: Description, Formula and usage

If you stretch a rubber band, you will notice that up to some extent it will stretch. Once you stop stretching, the rubber band will come to its original shape. That is called elasticity of a materiel. Young’s Modulus is based on that principle. Let’s discuss more about Young’s Modulus in this article and figure out its definition, formula and usage.

thermoplastic vs thermoset

Difference Between Thermoplastic and Thermosetting Plastics

You are having a car or watching television or gifting a toy to your child or even flying an aircraft, Plastic is everywhere. We can’t even think of our life without plastic. In plastic part design often we come across this confusion about Thermoplastic vs Thermosetting plastic. So in this article, we will explain about Difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics.

Why plastics are replacing metals in industries

Plastic Vs Metal: Why plastics are replacing metals in industries

Those who work in the manufacturing industry might be aware of metal to plastic conversion nowadays. It was all started with automotive industries and now every industry is following the same path. Plastic offers a chunk of benefits over metals and industries has numerous reason to move to plastic. In this article, we will try to figure out why the industry trend is moving towards using more plastic than metals, how it is benefiting the industry and what could be the drawbacks.

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