5 Best Multivendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce

multi vendor woocommerce

ECommerce is on a boom in recent years. With more and more people buy products online, e-commerce is the next cash cow of many new entrepreneurs. An e-commerce store allows you to sell online which in turns helps in gaining more customers. Recently Multivendor e-commerce store became very popular. But what is multi-vendor e-commerce store? Multi-vendor e-commerce store allows many vendors to sell product through a single platform or a single e-commerce store. A multi-vendor store helps in increasing revenue due to more sales and reach.

With the success of Amazon, eBay and other multi-vendor e-commerce websites, it is evident that this business model is the future. Now a day’s many business aspirants are trying their luck in this Multivendor e-commerce business. So if you want to create a multi-vendor e-commerce store you can either hire developers or use an off the shelve software like WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a great e-commerce software to build your online store and a multi-vendor plugin allows to enhance the capabilities. Although there are many plugins in the market which will help you to turn your WooCommerce store into a multivendor store we will narrow down to top five plugins which is very popular. In this article, we will talk about 5 Best Multi-vendor market place plugins for WooCommerce.

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WC Multi-Vendor Marketplace

This is the best marketplace plugin for WooCommerce. It does everything at the Frontend. The module comes with all feature what is needed to create a professional marketplace store. In fact, there are many features in this plugin which are offered free when the same is a part of a paid feature in other plugins. Vendors can manage their product at the Frontend. They can add products, manage orders, customize their store at the Frontend. If at all you need more features you can buy their paid plugins which also comes for a very cheap price.

5 Best Multi vendor market place plugins for WooCommerce

WC Multi-Vendor Marketplace enhances it’s capabilities when we use it with WC Frontend manager. The Frontend manager allows vendors to do everything from the Frontend. It allows vendors to add products, manage products, manage orders and very useful feature from the Frontend only. If you want more insights about the feature list it offers you can always visit their website.

One of the best features of WC Frontend manager is that it can be used with any other Multivendor plugin which does not provide any Frontend interface. It supports all WooCommerce theme which is again a plus point. It is responsive too, so you will have no problem accessing it on your mobile phone. Though WC Multivendor marketplace is not as popular as other leading plugins it offers more advanced and useful features. So if you are looking for a free multi-vendor market place software then WC Multivendor marketplace should be your bet. Let’s summarises the pro and cons of this software so that you get more insights into it.


  • The smartest and advanced marketplace plugin
  • Offers Frontend interface
  • The free version offers more than other free plugins.
  • Support all WooCommerce theme and has a responsive feature


  • New in the market. So not tried and tested.
  • Codes are not bug-free.
  • Too many options sometimes confuse casual vendors.

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is a new entrant but within a short span of time, it became very popular. It is a free plugin and by default, it offers all necessary functions that a marketplace software needs. The best part of this plugin does not have a “pro” version. What that mean all the features it offers is free. However, if you want to enhance its capabilities, you can buy compatible plugins which are also very cheap to buy.

5 Best Multi vendor market place plugins for WooCommerce

You will find a lot of similarities between MC marketplace and WC Multivendor marketplace. If you want to add frontend interface you can install the WC Frontend manager and connect it with WC marketplace.


  • Nice interface and easy to use.
  • Software is almost bug-free and lightweight


  • New entrant so not tried and tested.
  • The feature list is not as good as other free plugins.

Dokan Multivendor

It would be unfair if we don’t include Dokan Multivendor in our list although I don’t feel that it’s a value for money software. But it’s a fact that it’s the best and most advanced multi-vendor plugin. It offers everything a multi-vendor plugin requires. It has a Frontend interface which offers vendors to manage the store and backed access only admin has.

5 Best Multi vendor market place plugins for WooCommerce

Dokan Multivendor is also a free plugin but the free version does not offer much. Even basic features are missing in the free version. If you decide to go for the pro version you have to buy their recurring plan. Dokan Multivendor recurring plans are very costly. So if you want to run Dokan Multivendor you have shell out money every month which is not a good option considering that other free plugins offer more than what Dokan offers

One of the other problem that Dokan has its support. My personal experience is that their support is not that great. Even for small CSS customization, they ask for charges which are not good when other vendor does it for free. Dokan also does not support many themes, so make sure when you buy themes check for Dokan compatibility.


  • Most advanced multi-vendor plugin
  • Intuitive interface


  • Too much pricey
  • Poor support
  • Bulky coding and hard to optimise.

WC vendor

WC vendor is a very popular plugin when we talk about Multivendor marketplace. It also offers a free version but again free version really very basic. The free version does not have all the features that you need to set up a basic Multivendor website. You can buy their premium plugin which is a bit costly. Fortunately, WC vendor supports most of the themes so compatibility won’t be an issue.

5 Best Multi vendor market place plugins for WooCommerce

YTH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

YTH is another great plugin for Multivendor website but it does not have a free version. Unlike other Multivendor software, it does not offer managing store from Frontend. If you want to have Frontend access you need to buy their another plugin called YTH Frontend Manager which cost about $60. Overall if you combine their both plugin it can offer an excellent Multivendor capability but when you have all features from other vendors for free then why do we need YTH.

multi vendor plugin

Wrapping Up!

All 5 software has its own pros and cons. We have to choose software based on the features, support, compatibility and optimisation. On these parameters, WC Frontend managers perform really well and I personally have experienced that. That does not mean that other software is bad, but others are not just as good as WC Frontend Manager. If you don’t like WC Frontend Manager you can always go for WC vendors or Dokan which is my second and third choice.

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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