10 Most Common Myths About Shared Hosting

Common Myths About Shared Hosting

If you are a newbie into web hosting, then you might have heard about shared hosting. This is the cheapest and most convenient web hosting option for hosting websites. Without any sort of technical knowledge, you can launch your website. Many times when you buy hosting, we get tempted by the bunch of offers and features that shared hosting provides. In fact some times it looks more tempting than VPS. But is it really worth to try shared hosting? Does it really make sense to get tempted by shared hosting offering? In this article, I am going to explain 10 most common myths about shared hosting and will figure out the truth behind it.

10 Most Common Myths About Shared Hosting

Well, if you are a casual user, you may not need to read about the myths as this will hardly affect you. But if you are a determined user and think about long terms goal, this article may help you. If you are really serious about websites than you should know about these myths which will help you not to get tempted by fake feature list in shared hosting. Please note that ? Unlimited ? is an imaginary term. In this world, everything is ?Limited?. If someone claims about ?Unlimited? for sure he or she must be Faking.

1.Unlimited Space

This is one of the main features that every web host list in their shared hosting offer. But the truth is that no shared hosting provides unlimited space. All web host restricts the number of files that you can host. So the hidden truth is that they provide unlimited space but does not offer unlimited files. At max, I have seen a web host offer 240000 files in their shared hosting. Other big names like GoDaddy, Hostgator restricts the user to host only up to 100000-150000 files. You hardly can host 2-3 websites and you will be out of space.

2.Unlimited Bandwidth

Companies talk about unlimited bandwidth but they never offer unlimited speed. What I mean to say is that bandwidth is unlimited but whenever you reach certain bandwidth, they will throttle the speed at which you can download or upload a file. For example, if your host allows 100 GB to download or upload per day. But the speed at which you can download and upload is limited to 512 KBPS. So though you have unlimited bandwidth you can never use it due to throttled internet speed.

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3.Free SSL

Web hosting companies promote these features like anything as if they are saving you so much money by providing free SSL. Are they providing paid SSL like Comodo or Rapid SSL for free? No. They never provide that. They offer free SSL certificate which is freely available in the market. Most of the companies give Lets Encrypt SSL which is a free SSL. So including the free SSL feature in the feature list is cheating.

4.Unlimited Websites & Email

Again this is one more lie. How could you host unlimited websites when you have limitations number of files. You can just host a couple of websites and you are out of space. So unlimited websites in shared hosting is a big myth. Don?t fall under trap if some company provides you unlimited website feature in their shared hosting.

5. 99.9 % Uptime

The main reason why people get frustrated in shared hosting is because of downtime. Companies promise for 99.9 % uptime but if you even get 60-70% uptime you should consider yourself lucky. In shared hosting, daily you will face the error? Resource limit is reached? and this is applicable for even big web hosting companies. I see some people don?t even know why this error occurs. They usually feel that there might be some problem with their website or database. But in actual it is the problem with the host and unfortunately, no web host accept this lie.

6.Free Migration

99% web hosting company who promises free migrations, only migrates one website. If you want to migrate more websites it is chargeable and the charges are very high compared to the market standard. Also please make a note that after migration if some problem occurs, they won’t solve the problem. Instead, they will blame you. Personally, I never take their help to migrate websites as most of the cases they create so many problems.

7.Free Domain

What the heck is this? Free Domain. Really? They offer free domain at the cost of the hosting service. What I mean to say is that they save some money by downgrading their hosting service and with that cost, they offer a free domain. So it’s not free at all. You are paying for it in your hosting invoice.

8.Free CDN

Again, A big lie. No one offers free CDN. In fact, no one can provide free CDN considering the cost of CDN service. No companies provide paid CDN for free. All web host provides Cloudflare free CDN which is freely available in the market. There is no separate settings/configuration that web host need to do. So when they are saying that they are offering free CDN, I still don?t understand what they offer. Because nothing is needed for them to offer CDN. Any user can do that by themselves.

9. 24X7 free support

Oh My God! The support was the biggest nightmare for me when I was using shared hosting. No support staff will respond quickly if you are using shared hosting. They will always give preference to VPS or dedicated server user. It makes sense as VPS and shared hosting is costly and they deserve quick service, But what I don?t like is that they say 24X7 prompt support and they never do that. Why promise when you can’t fulfil that? If you raise a support ticket also, they never put that into priority and will take forever to reply.

10. It’s Cheap

Oh really? The cheapest shared hosting offering I saw is Rs 30/ Month. But have you ever thought how much you are loosing by opting this kind of shared hosting? No one host websites for fun. Right? Everyone wants some source of income from a website, be it a Blog or an eCommerce website. Do you know if your website cannot respond in 3 seconds you are loosing more than 50% of your visitors? Those visitors might have given some business which you are loosing by using shared hosting. In fact, not only visitors but you are loosing much more. Let’s list it below.

? Losing potential traffic
? Losing good ranking in search engine
? Potential revenue loss and loss of sales
? Bitter customer experience as no one likes a slow website
? Security threat. As the shared server is used by many users, your website will never be secure.
? Loss of your self-confidence.

Wrapping Up!

That?s all guys I have in this article. I believe I have enough here to make you understand what is a myth and what is the truth in shared hosting. Please don?t fall under the trap of shared hosting vendor. Invest some little more amount and go for VPS. I know it not always feasible for beginners to go for VPS due to the higher cost. But if you are serious about your website and thinking of the long term, a little bit of investment will yield your great outcome.

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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