Top 5 Linux Distribution for beginners in 2019

Top 5 Linux distribution for your desktop

Hardcore Windows user might know the problems that they face in Windows. Well, many people hate windows and love to change their OS. But we have hardly any option except you try Linux. Trust me Linux is not a piece of cake. Linux is not for everyone. But is it true in 2019? I don’t feel so. Here in this article, I will write about Top 5 Linux Distributions for beginners in 2019

Most people get scared of Linux as they feel it’s tough. Frankly speaking, Linux is tough if you don’t know it. But if you know it it’s amazing. Not only Linux but this logic applies to any software. Earlier Linux was tough as it was not user-friendly and the interface was not good. But recently a lot of Linux distribution evolved and Linux is no more a boring and tough OS.

This list I have compiled based on the following assumptions.

  • You don’t know anything about Linux
  • You are a casual or experienced Windows user.
  • You are passionate about exploring computer applications.

Please make a note that the list is not as per the priority or superiors but a random list from where you can choose your favourite Linux distributions.


If you want to try Linux and searched Google for best Linux distributions, you might have come across Ubuntu for sure. No wonder why you find Ubuntu at the top as this is the most popular and widely used Linux distribution. It’s a perfect Linux OS for your transition from Windows to Linux.

Top 5 Linux Distribution for beginners in 2019

Installing Ubuntu is very easy. You can do a dual boot installation so that you can keep both Windows and Ubuntu. You can also install Ubuntu in a pen drive and can use it whenever required. One more option is to install it in a virtual computer ( you can use VMware for that ). The system Requirement is also very relaxed for Ubuntu. Even your age-old computer can handle Ubuntu.

Ubuntu requires very little usage of CLI ( Command Line Interface) as everything can be done using GUI. GNOME is the default desktop for Ubuntu which is very intuitive. In fact, it is more eye-catching than Windows 10. You don’t need to worry about any drivers as Ubuntu will search and install all compatible drivers automatically.

Ubuntu has an application repository from where you download and install many software. About 90% of that software is free. If you love your windows applications you can use those in Ubuntu through Wine

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Ubuntu has a great users base and so bugs get fixed quickly. On top of that Ubuntu releases updates in every 6 months and in every 2 years you will get a new Ubuntu Version, that is also for free.

Linux Mint

You will feel home if you use Linux Mint. Linux Mint has 3 versions, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce. You can choose cinnamon if you want a complete desktop experience, Mate for faster and stable version and Xfce if you want a lightweight Verizon.

Top 5 Linux Distribution for beginners in 2019

Linux Mint is very easy to use and desktop almost looks like Windows 7. If someone is migrating from Windows to Linux, Mint would perfectly fit the comfort zone.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu and uses Ubuntu repository. So all software of Ubuntu can be used in Linux Mint. In my experience, Linux Mint is faster, reliable and offers a superior desktop experience compare to other Linux distribution.

Elementary OS

The first thing that you will notice after installing elementary OS is it looks. It looks similar to Mac OS. For those who are crazy about Mac OS looks but can not afford it, can give the elementary OS a try. Elementary OS get included in the list of top Linux distributions primarily because of its aesthetic. In fact, as per my opinion, it’s is the most beautiful Linux OS ever.

Top 5 Linux Distribution for beginners in 2019

At the back end, elementary OS is based on Ubuntu. So you can expect all Ubuntu feature and security in elementary OS. On the Front end, it has a pantheon desktop environment.


In this pole of Linux distributions list, Debian is unique as it follows a different approach. Most of the Linux OS is in hurry to release a new version but Debian waits till they fix all bugs and then release a new release after 2 years. Well, most people prefer regular updates but many people like the conservative approach and for them, Debian is the choice.


In terms of feature list and security measures, Debian is as per the other Linux distributions. Debian does not have anything which differentiates from others. But the stability of Debian is well known.


CentOS is not at all looks intuitive or not much user-friendly compared to other Linux distributions.? But CentOS is stable, steady and feature rich. It offers slow and steady release but they make sure all bugs are fixed. CentOS is a preferred choice for Server environment though it did not find much space in desktop.


CentOS is also a preferred distribution if you are a web developer because most of the web hosting company offers CentOS in their server computer.

Wrapping Up!

Well, Linux had about 250 distributions presently available. Here is this we have talked about Top 5 Linux Distribution for beginners in 2019. Among this list choosing the best one is a big task. Although this list shows only five distributions that do not mean other distros are bad. In my opinion, I believe Ubuntu provides the best and intuitive Linux environment followed by Linux Mint and elementary. For servers, no doubt CentOS should be the default choice.

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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