Why People Use Windows And Not Linux

Why people use windows and not linux

Hardly we will find anyone in 2019 who do not know about Windows. Windows powers more than 80% of computers in the world. It’s proprietary software and you need to pay to buy and use it. We don’t get the option to customize it as per our need. All features are controlled by Windows, even the security and privacy features.

Windows is always known for its negligence in terms of user privacy. It is also very easy to hack and often user becomes the victim. Don’t you feel frustrated with windows when they control everything in your machine? When easily a virus attacks your computer don’t you feel the need for a more robust and secure operating system? YES, We do feel and the option we have is Linux, which can solve all the problem that windows can not solve.

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If Linux offers so much compare to Windows, then why people don’t use Linux much. Why only about 2% of users use Linux. That’s really a big question when Linux is so good. Let’s find out the answer in this video, Why People Use Windows And Not Linux.

Linux Is Complicated

Yes, it is. If someone says that Linux is as easy as Windows they are lying. No matter how Linux has evolved in recent years but you still need CLI to execute your day to day tasks. Many casuals users cannot take the headache of working through CLI and they simply decide to stick to Windows. If you are an experienced Linux user then its a piece of cake but for beginners, Linux is still a burden and who wants to take the burden. Do You?

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Lack Of Software’s

One of the first problem that I faced after Installing Linux is that, Most day to day software’s are not available on Linux. For example Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Some Video editing software and many Engineering software. Through recently many vendors started releasing Linux version for their software but still a great chunk of software does not provide a Linux version

A user can always install Wine in Linux and use native windows software, but Wine is very buggy and unreliable software. Who used wine might notice that it makes your computer super slow. So unless Linux does support native windows software ( Which is Impossible) or software vendors starts shipping Linux version, Linus will be considered as a slow mover.


I still could not find single hardware which did not support windows. But it’s not the case with Linux. Linus does not support all hardware and you will find it tough to get a hardware work in Linux. I still remember that I bought a new graphics card for my PC but has to scrap it because Ubuntu does not support it. Problem is not with the hardware but you will hardly find a vendor who makes hardware keeping Linux in mind.


You bought a brand new camera or a brand new printer or a brand new mobile. But your computer does not detect it. Can you imagine the level of frustration? Unfortunately, if you use Linux, you will face this issue always. Most of the company that manufacture electronic devices released only the windows driver. Reason being 85% of people use windows. Who wants to invest money to develop a driver which will be used by only 2% of people.

Too Many Linux Distributions

If you are shopping around for a windows computer, you might end up getting only Windows 10. Right? But if you want to install Linux you have around 250 distributions. The feature list is also spread across. What that means is, no Linux distribution provides all features in their OS. Casual users get too confused and they decide to stick to Windows. Although Ubuntu is considered to be a perfect Linux OS still it has a long way to go to replace Windows.


Trust me, Game is not all about fun in Linux. And most gaming software vendor does not release a Linux version. The reason is simple. Game vendors target the 80% audience and not the 2% audience. On top of that 2%, Linux audience is tech-savvy people and they hardly get time for a game. So if you are addicted to games then stay away from Linux.


Although talking about the Linux interface is a subjective one but no one can ignore an intuitive interface. Have you realized how Windows 7 was a big hit? It replaced the boring 2D interface of Windows XP and introduced graphically rich Windows 7. People love the beautiful interface and colourful desktop. Ubuntu is beautiful but windows 10 is steep ahead. So stick to windows until you get an attractive Linux.


Linux is an open source operating system, so support will be only through a forum. Every time you face an issue in Linux you will have to wait for someone’s mercy to solve it. There would be no timeline when your issue will fix and no guarantee whether the problem will be solved or not.

On the other hand in Windows, you will get prompt support as you are paying for it. Your issues will be resolved fast and you will have a better response rate from Microsoft. Although Windows is not big free and but at least you will have the assurance that your problem will be solved

Wrapping Up!

Well, Linux is good. Not only good but the best. But not for everyone. If you are tech savvy person Linux is for you. You will have more fun in Linux, It is also more secure than Windows and you can also customize it as per your need.

But if you are a casual user who loves plug n play mechanism then Linux is not for you. Windows will give a headache to you but still, you have to stick to Windows. Because Linux is not as easy as windows and as a casual, it is not worth to try Linux. Hope this statement make sense?

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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