Why Ubuntu Is The Best Linux OS

Why ubuntu is the best linux OS

Ubuntu is a very reputed OS in the Linux community. It is the most popular and widely used Linux distribution. It is also the most commercially used Linux OS with its flavour used in cellphones too. There is around 250 Linux distribution available in the market. In this huge crowd, how can Ubuntu stands top? Let’s find out Why Ubuntu is the best Linux OS.

Why Ubuntu Is The Best Linux OS

Before going further let’s go to flashback and see a brief introduction of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was launched in 2004 by Canonical LTD. It is based on Debian and available for both desktop and server. It was also introduced for cellphone operating system but it is about to get shut down due to less usage and popularity.

Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months but long term support ( LTS ) version gets release every 2 years. The support and bug fix is done by Canonical and they earn revenue from some of the premium services provided by Ubuntu. GNOME3 is the default desktop for Ubuntu from 17.10 and unity was the default desktop for earlier versions.

Ubuntu is free

While all Linux distributions are free but in case of Ubuntu even most of the apps in Ubuntu repository is free. It also includes some of the day to day used software like office suites, PDF reader and some of the premium software which is usually paid in Windows.

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Supports Wide Range of Hardware

You will never face any issue with most of your hardware in Ubuntu. Whenever a new device gets connected, Ubuntu finds and install drives automatically. This is one of the best features as you don’t need to search for drivers and at the end install a wrong driver. If you use an unknown device, drivers may not be available but for all reputed brand hardware, Ubuntu has a driver.

Almost Bug-Free

Though Ubuntu is not bug-free reported bugs in Ubuntu is very less. Even though if you find any bugs, those are quickly fixed by the Ubuntu team.

Easy Customization

You can customize Ubuntu right after installing it. The default desktop GNOME3 looks good but in case if you want to customize you can easily do it. In fact, you can customize almost everything starting from the notification sound, animation and workspaces.

Ubuntu is more secure

No software is immune to security threats and Ubuntu is not an exception. comparatively, it provides more security features of the shelves due to the kernel it uses. However other Linux distributions are also secure but in case of Ubuntu, security threats are quickly attended.

GNOME is Wonderful

Those who complain about the barebone Linux interface should try Ubuntu. Ubuntu is really wonderful even if you compare to Windows 10 interface. High-resolution icon, app drawer everything will remind you of similarities with Mac OS. Ubuntu is a big upgrade in terms of overall interface compare to Windows

Low resource usage

Ubuntu can work even on your age-old Pentium computers. It uses less memory and disk space of your computer. Not much graphics hungry so even an integrated graphics card should work. It is also a very lightweight OS. So you can expect must faster computer experience in Ubuntu.

OS portability

Linux can be installed in a pen drive and used in a desktop whenever required. This is a very unique feature and does not need you to install the OS. This is helpful if you want to keep windows but wants to try Ubuntu as well.

Ubuntu is fast

Ubuntu is the fastest Linux OS ever. You will be surprised to see how fast it loads. While using Ubuntu you will feel the fluidity in the execution. Due to less resource usage execution is butter smooth.

Ubuntu is reliable

Like Windows, Ubuntu is used by many users. Due to a large number of users bugs are fixed quickly unlike other Linux distributions. Also, regular updates keep Ubuntu fresh and more reliable.

The preferred choice for Server

Since Ubuntu is a preferred choice for servers so if you use Ubuntu for regular desktop, it will be helpful for you, as you don’t need to know two different OS. Users like me who uses Windows for desktop but when I try to manage my VPS I face a hard time because I had to know both Linux and Windows

Smooth transition

If you are migrating from Windows, Ubuntu should be your choice of Linux distribution. You will hardly find any difficulty in Ubuntu. In fact, you will feel like you are still on windows as most of the operation can be executed using GUI rather than CLI.

Ubuntu can run windows application.

Yes, that’s true. You can run windows application in Ubuntu using Wine application. Although Wine is buggy and not reliable in case you want to try windows application in Ubuntu that’s the only option.

Regular updates

Ubuntu releases updates for Ubuntu every 6 months. This excludes minor bug fixes that they update as and when an issue arises. Due to huge developer community issues gets fixed regularly.

Wrapping Up!

It’s a hard decision to switch to Ubuntu considering the initial hurdles that you may face. And when you switch you want the transition to be smooth. Ubuntu is the best Linux solution in this scenario as you will face minimum hurdles and also the transition is easy. You will feel like using a regular windows desktop after a few days of using Ubuntu. On top of that, the fast desktop experience and the beautiful interface will amaze you for sure.

That?s all we have in this article. Hope you liked the article and found some useful information. If you have any queries please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer. If you find this article helpful please rate us five stars.

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