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RiansClub is a technology blog dedicated to content on Mechanical Engineering. Engineering in industries is much more different than what we were taught in college. No matter how talented we are in your college unless we can cope with Mechanical Engineering in practice, we can’t be successful engineers. We faced this problem and we learned from our mistakes. We don’t want you all to face the same. That’s why we are here with RiansClub

RiansClub is a kind of online repository where we store the knowledge that we gained so far in our professional life so that someone can be benefited from it. We are not the experts, Nor we are here to teach you. We are here to share knowledge and boost your and our skills. Please keep in mind that a successful engineer keeps learning even one day before his death.

At RiansClub we try to cover a wider spectrum of various mechanical engineering subjects with a practical approach. Although it’s next to impossible to cover each and every topic we are open to your suggestion and contribution regarding the contents of RiansClub

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Hey, This is Rajib, I own and manage this blog. I am a 2004 Mechanical Engineering graduate from NIT Agartala. Over the years I worked for companies like Whirlpool, General Electric, Tech Mahindra, and Capgemini. Throughout my career, I was into the design and development of products related to consumer electronic goods, automotive and heavy machinery.

I am a certified practitioner of Six Sigma methodology, with expertise in process improvements, production planning, and quality improvement. I also have advanced GD&T certification and implemented GD&T in numerous critical projects. I take a keen interest in trending design philosophies like MBD, KBE, Top-Down Design, Industrial Automation, etc.

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