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RiansClub is technology blog dedicated to stuffs on Mechanical Engineering. We are group of engineers worked for over a decade in various industries and decided to start a Mechanical Engineering blog to solve one key issue. Blending Theoretical Engineering with Practical Engineering

Engineering in industries is much more different than what we were taught in colleges. So no matter how talented you are in your college, unless you can cope up with Mechanical Engineering in practical, you can’t be a successful engineer. We faced this problem and we learned from our mistakes. We don’t want you all to face the same. That’s why we are here with RiansClub

RiansClub is kind of an online repository where we store our little knowledge that we gained so far so that some one can benefited from it. We are not the experts, Nor we are here to tech you. We are here to share knowledge and boost up our skills. Keep in mind that a successful engineer keeps learning even one day before his death.

At RiansClub we try to cover a wider spectrum of various mechanical engineering subjects with a practical approach. Although its next to impossible to cover each and every topics but we are open to your suggestion and contribution regarding contents of RiansClub

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Key People

Rajib Das

Rajib is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Agartala and worked for over 15 years in various industries in India and USA. Started career as a Product Designer and had different roles for over a decade. His last role was as a Project Leader at Capgemini- North America. He is also the founder and administrator of RiansClub

Apart from writing stuffs on mechanical engineering in this blog, he takes interest in SEO ( Search Engineering Optimisation), Digital Marketing and Web development. He is also a co-owner of multiple blogs and run couple of eCommerce websites in India. Rajib lives in USA and Hyderabad on and off basis.

Manik Lal Chowdhury

Rajib and Manik are the best pals during college days and that’s why they decides to start this blog together. Manik is also a BE in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction from NIT Agartala. Started his Job in a service industry with Hilti India ( Switzerland based MNC) and his last role was as East Zonal Service Manager at Hilti

Manik takes deep interest in various mechanical engineering stuffs and he writes with a blend of industry focused material. He lives in Kolkata for a long time but having roots from Agartala

Mimi Kar

Mimi is a BSc In computer science and mostly write about software stuffs in this blog. Loves crafting and she owns couple of eCommerce store on art and craft. Loves travelling and photography and when time permits keeps herself busy with crafts or writing for this blog.

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