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About RiansClub

First of all, Let me introduce Rian. Rian is my 3 years old son and I decided to start RiansClub when he was born back in 2016. It’s one of my dream projects dedicated to my beloved son.

About RiansClub, Though the idea was to start it in 2016 when Rian was born, somehow I could not manage it and finally, the domain was bought in early 2018. Being a Mechanical Engineer, I thought this blog should purely contain stuff related to Engineering or I can say related to Mechanical Engineering. But Mechanical Engineering is so boring that I and my wife started putting stuff on other interesting topics as well. At RiansClub, We always try to share the best possible knowledge that we have earned so far in a mission to help others in need. After all, sharing is all about caring!

You will find articles mostly on the following topics.

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Key People

Rajib Das

I take the privilege to administrate this blog while my wife being the owner. By profession, I am a Mechanical Engineer for the last 15 years mainly into Mechanical Design. This 15 years with major corporates helped me to gain knowledge on multiple domains and travelled most of the geography in India and USA. I choose to travel on and off whenever time permits, preferably on business needs. But I never miss a chance to write for RiansClub whenever I get a chance and whenever my little Rian allow me to do so. After all, Rian and Riansclub both are close to my heart and I choose to maintain a perfect balance.

I offer to respond to any of your queries, complain or suggestions. You can always be in touch with me over email at [email protected] or if you prefer to contact over social media handles you can do that by following me on Facebook and Twitter