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RiansClub welcomes energetic authors or corporates to write Guest posts on RiansClub. Currently, all guest posts are free of charge unless you want to specifically promote your product. Product promotion articles will be categorized as sponsored articles and a nominal fee is applicable.

Guest Post Niche

Product DesignLearn Product Design Principles, Guides, And Best Practices
GD&TLearn GD&T Basics And It’s Importance In Product Design
ManufacturingLearn About Different Manufacturing Processes.
QualityLearn About Different Quality Tools And Processes
KnowledgeBasic Mechanical Design Principles, Guide, And Best Practices

Guest Post Guidelines

If you want to contribute to this blogging community, you are expected to follow certain guidelines to ensure that we deliver the correct knowledge and information to our audience.

The whole idea of allowing guest posts is to showcase our guest author’s talent, cross-functional expertise, and product or service outreach.

RiansTech always thrives to deliver all content for FREE and fortunately, we allow guest posts for FREE as well when they meet a certain threshold.

But at the same time, we also allow sponsored guest posts in certain scenarios detailed in the later part of this article.

Please look into our ” ADVERTISE” section in case you want to see other options for showcasing and promoting your product and/ or service.

Content Guidelines

  • The content should fall under any of the niches mentioned above
  • The article should have a minimum of 3000 words. Exceptions are available.
  • The article should cover the subject in detail. No one likes half-baked food!
  • Use 2-3 lines per paragraph. The readability should be good.
  • Use proper header tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.
  • The main keywords should be there in the header tags
  • Use simple and easy-to-understand English
  • The content should be free from basic grammatical errors.
  • Use tables, charts, images, and videos wherever applicable.
  • Always support your claim with evidence. No one likes fake claims.
  • Keyword density should be good but don’t do keyword stuffing
  • Use the proper external links in your article wherever applicable.
  • Use internal links in your article wherever applicable.
  • Use powerful words and/ or numbers in your article title tag

Image/ Video Guidelines

  • Articles without any image will be rejected
  • Use at least one image per 400-500 words wherever applicable.
  • All images should be copyright-free.
  • If you plan to use FREE images, give proper attributes to the author ( If the author allowed you to do so ).
  • Image size should not cross beyond 500X500 pixels
  • All images should be optimized
  • Use appropriate ALT tags for images.
  • If you plan to use YouTube videos, give attributes to the channel as applicable.
  • RiansTech reserves the right to allow or disallow any links.
  • We are not allowing any malicious/ spam links in the post.
  • Affiliate links are now allowed.
  • We only allow one Do-Follow link per article.

Terms And Conditions

  • Once an article is published on RiansTech, it becomes the property of RiansTech.
  • You can not claim or ask for the deletion of articles once it is published
  • You cannot publish the same article elsewhere if it is published on RiansTech
  • Copyright violators will be banned for life for posting with immediate effect
  • RiansTech reserves the right to sell, modify or delete your article if needed
  • RiansTech reserves the right to share your articles on social media platforms

Benefits Of Guest Post

  • You will be offered one permanent do-follow link.
  • The guest post will be shared on the social media platform.
  • We will generate backlinks for your guest posts.
  • We will allow the author’s bio section to show your skills, expertise, and business.

Sponsored Guest Post

If the article has less than 3000 words, it will be considered a sponsored guest post. If the article contains product/service promotion, then also it will be considered a sponsored guest post.

We are currently not in a position to allow exceptions to any of the above rules.

How To Submit Guest Post?

Please drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line ” Guest Post Request-RiansTech” and we will reply back in 1-2 business days.

You can also visit the ” Advertise” section to explore other advertising or promotion options.

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