5 Positive Impacts of Engineering on Society

The world is run by engineers. Almost all of the convenient and practical tools that we use today were made by them. We have engineers to thank for making our lives so much better. From Imhotep, the world’s first-ever engineer who built the Step Pyramid in Egypt in 2550 BCE to Elon Musk’s electric cars, the planet’s future is simply bright due to the tireless work of engineers.

So let’s explore the impacts of engineering on society in this article.

impacts of engineering

To understand just how big the contributions of engineers are, we would enlist the positive impacts of engineers in different major fields:

1. Degrowth

Engineers are now actively working on degrowth. Degrowth is a planned and systematized contraction of economic development in wealthy nations to help in the reduction of production and consumption. Continuous production and consumption simply lead to nowhere as our resources are limited. Much has been contributed to ensuring a sustainable world through this concept. The following are renewable energy resources that engineers have devised to help in the degrowth movement:

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Hydro energy
  • Biomass energy
  • Geothermal energy

Engineers are also creating tools and instruments to make it easy for people to monitor and evaluate their consumption. Engineers know that for degrowth to be fully accepted and understood by all, they need to create systems that make it easy for people to consume intelligently. Engineers are making it easy for everyone to live peacefully and harmoniously in the future without having to worry about food and natural resources for all.

2. Medical advancement

Engineers collaborate with medical experts to provide continuous development in diagnosing and treating patients. There is not one aspect of the medical field that engineers have not contributed to. The following are examples of solid engineering contributions:

a. Infrastructure links

Engineers make it easy for different infrastructures to fully work as one body. This makes it easier for doctors to treat patients and patients to consult doctors.

b. Boosted Healthcare Facilities

Engineers make it easy for hospitals to provide top-notch care by providing tools and instruments for seamless, convenient, and accurate medication.

c. Improved Services

Engineers have devised tools and instruments that make it easy for patients to reach out to doctors. Patients can now easily consult their doctors without leaving their house. Doctors can also now easily connect and monitor their patients with just a click through a dedicated and secure platform.

d. Essential Healthcare Supplies

Engineers make it easy for everyone to receive healthcare by ensuring the continuous flow of medical supplies. They collaborate with different institutions to allow for the provision of immediate care to all by using all possible modes of communication, connection, and transportation.

3. Technological advancement

Every single technological advancement that you can think of came to be through the perseverance and hard work of engineers. We wouldn’t even enjoy all our devices today if it weren’t for engineers who came up with convenient and safe ways to harness and distribute electricity. Because of engineers, people can now have light at night.

4. Communication

Video calls were mere fantasy objects of science fiction of old. Now though, everyone has easy access to it. It all started when Alexander Graham Bell, a famous engineer, invented the telephone. It was then that people were liberated and made open to the idea that instant communication even when two people are apart, is possible. Then came the fax machine, the cellphone, and today’s smartphones. Communication is set to reach new heights as engineers are now intently working on creating seamless virtual universes where people can be together and do everything that they would do physically but this time, digitally. Now that’s communication at a whole new level.

5. Environment

Engineers have contributed so much in ensuring the protection and wise use of the environment. With climate change upon us, engineers work night and day to come up with tools, instruments, and solutions that will allow mankind to safely exist without experiencing the grave effects of global warming. Engineers have worked on providing the following systems for the environment:

  • Aqueducts – this ancient contribution changed the world as people lived longer because they had easy access to water
  • Sewers – this contribution removed diseases that people suffered from due to poor hygiene
  • Bioswales – this elegant system allows for easy filtration of water through plants and vegetations
  • Biofiltration Systems – this process allows for more drinkable water for all
  • Hybrid Vehicles – hybrid vehicles greatly help in lessening gas emissions
  • Agroforestry – this system allows for the smart management of trees and crops
  • Wind energy from kites – allows for kites to now be used to provide clean energy.
  • Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation – this invention allows for the removal of bacteria and viruses in surfaces, water, and air. Engineering teams like Bendtech Defence go all out in utilizing available resources to help everyone to remain safe and protected against all possible attacks – natural or man-made. This invention is massively useful especially now that the world is in the middle of a pandemic.
impacts of engineering

6. Space

Every single space exploration that humans have had was only possible through the help of dedicated and hardworking engineers. With engineers, humans have safely orbited in space and have even visited the moon. Humans are now even set to visit Mars in the near future. There is simply nothing that humankind cannot do so long as we have dedicated engineers.

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