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Two Plate Mold Vs Three Plate Mold

two plate mold vs three plate mold

Selection of type of mold is an essential task in the product development process. Choosing a wrong type of mold can cost of thousands of dollar. Although there are plenty of injection mold types available, but in this article we will discuss about Two plate mold vs Three plate mold.

Evolution of CAD software

evolution of cad software

If you are an engineer, it is expected that you might have heard about Computer Aided Design ( CAD ). CAD brought a revolution to the mechanical industry. Nowadays no industry can survive without using CAD. Not only mechanical but CAD spread across many other industries. But many of you might not have a fair idea about how CAD evolved over the years. In this article, we try to explore the history of CAD and the evolution of CAD software over the years.

Plastic Vs Metal: Why plastics are replacing metals in industries

Why plastics are replacing metals in industries

Those who work in the manufacturing industry might be aware of metal to plastic conversion nowadays. It was all started with automotive industries and now every industry is following the same path. Plastic offers a chunk of benefits over metals and industries has numerous reason to move to plastic. In this article, we will try to figure out why the industry trend is moving towards using more plastic than metals, how it is benefiting the industry and what could be the drawbacks.

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