9 Superb Usage of Over-Centre Latches in Industrial Workspaces

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and optimization of your industrial workspace, you should consider using over-center latches. If you have yet to use them in your workspace, now is the time to give them a try. Over-center latches are perfect industrial workspace tools that can improve your operation’s flow and productivity by 300%.

What are over-center latches?

Over-centre latches are tools for the flexible joining of two separate units in a strong, durable, and secure way. They are widely used by big players in the industry because they simplify and streamline tasks. 

over-centre latch
Over-Centre Latch

Why are over-centre latches perfect for industrial workspaces?

Over-centre latches are perfect for industrial spaces for the following reasons:

1. Solid security

Over-centre latches are perfect tools for industrial spaces because they provide reliable security. When utilized, you can be sure that any joined two units will always be flexibly used and securely connected at all times. 

2. Shock Resistance

Over-centre latches are not sensitive to shocks. They remain solid and strong in securing the joining of two separate units.

3. Maximum Strength

Over-centre latches come in different shapes and sizes that can handle the secure joining of two heavy units. It’s easy to look for ones that can easily handle the secure joining of two massive objects with great weight.

4. Streamlined Task Flow

The easy joining of two separate units can simplify your task flow by avoiding task blocks and delays. 

5. Clean Aesthetic

The look of your workspace says a lot about the efficiency of your work. Opting for over-centre latches will be best for you if you want your industrial workspace to look cleaner and sleeker. You will have a more organized industrial workspace if you’d utilize over-centre latches. 

9 Superb Usage of Over-Centre Latches in Industrial Workspaces

#1: Cabinets

Over-centre latches are perfect for cabinets. If you have numerous cabinets in your workspace and you want them to be supremely secured by a durable and long-lasting tool, now is the time to check out over-centre latches.

Over-centre latches have such a sleek look that can easily match your existing cabinets. With over-centre latches, it would be very easy to have supremely secured cabinets with sleek uniform looks. 

#2: Chests

You can simply choose to use over-centre latches if you want to improve the security of chests in your industrial workspace. Chests that keep important items and tools need to be intensely secured and protected at all times. With over-centre latches, all your chests will be easily locked and unlocked by a durable tool that will last for years to come.

#3: Lids

High-powered industrial workspaces use plenty of containers protected by lids. Lids can be very tricky to secure as they protect different items that come in different shapes and sizes.

With over-centre latches, securing lids properly will be a thing of the past. Over-centre latches are universally compatible with all kinds of lids so you won’t have a hard time figuring out sizing and compatibility.

You should check out overcentre latches by SnapFlat to see just how easy it is to secure your different workspace lids. 

#4: Toolboxes

Toolboxes need to be properly locked and secured at all times. Sometimes though they come with weak lock mechanisms that end up getting broken through time. If you’re tired of having to fix the locks that your tool boxes come with, it’s time to use over-centre latches.

Over-centre latches can supremely secure all your toolboxes and as they are highly durable, you won’t have to worry about having them fixed every now and then.

#5: Doors

Optimized industrial spaces use over-centre latches for their doors. This is due to the fact that doors with over-centre latches are more shock-proof and durable. As doors in industrial workspaces are overused and get beat down through time, over-centre latches greatly help in boosting them and making them more durable. 

#6: Drawers

Drawers are best kept secured by over-centre latches. Industrial workspaces that put prime in protecting tools and materials use drawers that need to be highly secured and protected at all times. Over-centre latches are perfect for such demands. Over-centre latches don’t get beat down with the day-in and day-out access to drawers in industrial workspaces.

#7: Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes are sensitive hubs that secure the energy supply of workspaces. It needs to be easily accessible and tightly secured at all times. Over-centre latches are perfect for securing electrical boxes because they provide solid security while being very easy to operate.

With over-centre latches securing all your electrical boxes, you can be sure that workflow is speedy and continuous at all times.

#8: HVAC Enclosures

The smooth workflow of any industrial workspace is guaranteed if it has the right temperature and is well-ventilated. You can’t expect an industrial workspace to function at its full capacity if people don’t feel well in their workspace.

This is why it’s important that HVAC enclosures are protected and secured at all times. Poor enclosure mechanisms can lead to HVAC damage and leaks. To avoid such, opt to use over-centre latches that are highly secured, durable, and shock-proof.

#9: Locking Device

Over-centre latches also greatly work with different locking devices. They provide additional security and protection. Some over-centre latches even come with their own security mechanism that easily limits access.

Industrial workspaces that keep important and highly-priced materials will highly benefit if they will utilize over-centre latches with additional security protocols. 

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