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What Is Rapid Prototyping: Definition, Methods And Advantages[PDF]

Rapid Prototyping

Do you know, nowadays even some production parts are manufactured using 3D printing technology which is a Rapid Prototyping technique. Rapid Prototyping already replaced much traditional manufacturing process and going to evolve more in the near future. Let’s explore more about Rapid Prototyping, the definition of Rapid Prototyping, methods, and advantages.

What Is Overmolding. Insert Molding, Two Shot Molding And Co Injection Molding


Overmolding is a process of molding a part with two or more different materials. Its one of the trending manufacturing method in the plastic moulding industry. So it make sense to get a clear idea about this process . Right? In this article let’s learn What is Overmolding and what is the Manufacturing process of Overmolding.

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